19 febrero 2007

The Firefox Extensions are the responses to several of your questions

-Do you need to make a backup from all your blogger blog images?

DownThemAll Firefox Extension

-Do you need to debug problems or spy the traffic between your browser and Internet?
LiveHttpHeaders Firefox Extension

-Are you working into a basement and you can't see the outside weather?
ForecastFox Firefox Extension

-Are you interested in find detailed information about a specific web site?
AboutThisSite Firefox Extension

about this site

-Do you need control the Internet Usage your kids are doing or control yourself and restrict how much time you're spending with Internet?
PageAddict Firefox Extension


-Do you want to avoid spam from testing different web utils o pages?
Temporary Inbox Firefox Extension

-Do you need to switch between different proxys in a easy way?
FoxyProxy Firefox Extension

-Do you want a fully customizable toolbar?
PrefBar Firefox Extension

-Are you a nagios user?
Nagios checker Firefox Extension

-Are you surfing between web pages with text links and you want convert it into the genuine clickable links?
Linkification Firefox Extension



-Do you want to copy text from any webpage only selecting it with the mouse?.
AutoCopy Firefox Extension

Does it needed an image to show this feature? :)

-Do you want to manage the Internet Downloads directly with your browser with a tidy toolbar?
DownLoad StatusBar Firefox Extension

Take a detailed look to almost all of them.
More detalided extensions.

This post is based in a old post published some weeks ago selecting my favourite extensions firefox.

6 comentarios:

jose87 dijo...

Muy buenas extensiones, algunas de ellas no las conocía.

InKiLiNo dijo...

Pos ya tienes mi voto, el numero 8 he sido yo :P

InKiLiNo dijo...

Juer no se porque me coje el perfil de blogger grrr... !!!!

Logadmin dijo...

Aupa ahí! Inkilino, Gracias!!
...cuida con esas cookies :)

Nico dijo...

Gracias por la visita a mi página y la mejor de las suertes en el concurso. Ya veo que vais muy bien, así que si ganas la remera sacate una foto!! :D

Mucha suerte y me alegra no ser el único hispano en la lista :). Saludos

Logadmin dijo...

Nico igualmente, no dudes en lo de la foto. :)