If I am in delinquent list, can I get a loan?

Being in the debtors list is a problem to apply for loans, banks do not provide credits to their clients if they are enrolled in a list of defaulters.

For that reason, people who unfortunately have fallen into a list like the business have to find another way to get money; There are alternatives such as private loans, that is, companies that provide their clients with loans from private investors. These companies provide money in a simpler way and do not ask for as many requirements or conditions as those of the bank, in addition it is possible to request a loan even being in a list like the debtors list. Let’s see what requirements are necessary to apply for a loan with debtors list.

Wha are the requirements?

Wha are the requirements?

Our company provides its clients with private loans even if they are in delinquent lists such as el debtors list. It is not necessary to meet as many requirements as if we were to request it from a bank, requesting a loan with debtors list is much easier, the client only has to provide us with a guarantee and this can be of a real estate type or of any other kind, so that the User can guarantee this loan with real estate, apartments, houses, etc. and other types of goods such as vehicles, art pieces, taxi licenses, etc. The only exception is jewelry and by this we mean that there is a wide range of possibilities for the user to select the one that best suits their needs.

20% of the guarantee value

20% of the guarantee value

We grant the user a quantity whose maximum is set at 20% of the value of the guarantee, sometimes it can be more up to 25% if this guarantee is of sufficient quality, but in the case of real estate properties, a condition must be met very important for them to be valid. Real estate must be free of charges or mortgages so that we can accept them as guarantees, these can be from flats, houses, premises, etc. always excepting the plots or plots because they are not appropriate guarantees for this since they show very pronounced variations in their prices.

Our loans with debtors list have a series of very notable advantages such as the speed with which they are processed, so that the client can obtain their money in a very short time, even less than 72 hours as long as our company has received in its facilities the documents necessary to start the procedures.

Payroll-free loans

Payroll-free loans

Not having payroll is not an impediment either and we can provide money to many people thanks to the guarantee. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of financial and real estate issues and this gives us the possibility to deal with many aspects, including the official appraisal of the home that we can carry out at a very affordable price for the client. Our users can feel safe and confident in the hands of our company since we have the necessary experience and are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption, so that our economic activities fall within the current legislation; all operations are signed in the presence of a notary who vouches for everything that is revealed on the contract sheets.

That is why we want to make it clear that the necessary requirements to request a loan with debtors list are minimal, you only have to provide a guarantee and it can be of any kind since we give the user the possibility to select the type of guarantee that he wants to provide us and in depending on the value of this, we will grant you one or another amount of money.

Learn Credit Card Basics for Rewards


Some credit cards only charge you for using your product. But others give incentives for the amount of money you spend with the card. Credit card rewards come in many different forms, but they all give you an edge over multiple cards. Basically, you earn a certain number or percentage of rewards for every dollar you charge on a credit card. Some cards reward you for spending in certain areas or may only give you rewards for certain purchases.

Types of Credit Card Rewards

Types of Credit Card Rewards

Rewards generally fall into one of three categories: cash, points or miles. Cash rewards are the simplest and easiest to use. However, cash rewards cards do not always pay in cash. Some programs only allow you to use cash rewards as a credit to your account (note that these credits are not usually counted as payments to your account).

Others will send a check or deposit to your bank account when you want to redeem your prize. Or, you may be able to redeem your gift card cash with your card issuer’s trading partners. You will usually need to redeem your rewards in certain increases, such as $ 25 or at a certain minimum. See reviews of the best credit card rewards.

Reward points are awarded on the basis of each dollar you spend, for example, one point per dollar. Points can usually be redeemed for merchandise at the online Rewards Shopping Center.

Depending on the card issuer, you will also be able to redeem your points for gift cards, cash or even travel. Reaping gift card points can give you more bang for your buck as many merchant partners give you a 10% to 20% off gift card price. Examples of rewards card points include award tickets and hotel rewards rewards.

Mileage tickets or rewards rewards reward you with miles you can use for airline tickets. The number of miles you can earn varies with your credit card, and the number of miles you need to purchase a flight often varies with Flere. You may be able to go miles between programs, but you may lose some points in the conversion process. Here are some comments on credit card rewards.

You can use rewards for a variety of things. Cash rewards can help reduce your credit card balance. Travel rewards can help you get free trips for yourself and your loved ones. You can use rewards to buy holidays and birthdays. You can also invest the rewards you earn. For example, Fidelity Investment Rewards Signature Visa puts your rewards in your investment account. Wells Fargo Card Home Rebate Card uses your rewards to reduce your mortgage.

Tiered Vs. Flat Rewards

Tiered Vs. Flat Rewards

You may earn a certain number of prizes for every dollar you spend. Or, you can earn a smaller amount of rewards on the first dollars you buy during the year and a greater amount of rewards when you reach a certain threshold. However, other credit cards pay higher rewards for certain categories and lower rewards for all other expenses.

The Catches

The Catches

The best credit card rewards programs are only available to consumers with the highest ratings. If your credit score needs improvement, it may not qualify for any credit card rewards.

Rewards cards often have higher costs than other credit cards. For example, annual fees are common for reward cards, sometimes up to $ 200 or $ 300. Not only that, rewards cards usually have higher interest rates than other credit cards, which means you should not carry a balance on your rewards card.

Reward programs are far from simple. For example, a program might promise to reward you 5%, but make sure you look for an asterisk that points you to the small print, and you know that you do not get that 5% reward until you spend at least $ 3,000 on your card in a calendar year. There may be restrictions, restrictions, minimum redemption amounts that make it difficult to redeem your reward.

Credit card issuers can also change their rewards program without warning, so be sure to read everything that comes with your billing statement.

Not all rewards are forever. Some rewards programs highlight your rewards if you do not use them for a period of time. The best rewards programs do not allow your rewards to expire, but most programs will lose your rewards if you fall behind on your credit card payment.

In addition to fine print, debt is another thing that you need to be aware of credit cards for rewards (How to Avoid Rewards Credit Cards). If you are always running for rewards and bonuses, you could grow a credit card balance that you cannot afford to pay back.

Discover loans online without fast paychecks and what are the best offers

The request for quick and secure access to credit is an increasingly widespread need. What to do when you don’t have the opportunity to present income guarantees? Online loans are used without fast paychecks.

Loans without fast paychecks: what options are available?

Loans without fast paychecks: what options are available?

The first thing to make clear when talking about loans without a paycheck is that, although a paycheck is not mandatory, guarantees are required. These are therefore credit solutions suitable for those who do not have an employee contract, but can still have a working income.

These loans mainly concern small amounts, in principle not exceeding 5 thousand USD. This is because banks and financial institutions are usually not willing to grant credit to subjects who are at high risk of insolvency.

Loans without a paycheck are also accessible to those reported in the SIC databases as bad payers. The same goes for those who have suffered a protest. In these cases, however, obtaining online loans without a quick paycheck is quite difficult. The higher the risk of insolvency, the greater the guarantees to be presented.

How the changeable loans work

How the changeable loans work

But what are the options available for those seeking online loans without a quick paycheck? Among the many alternatives, it is possible to mention the changed loans.

This consumer credit formula is based on the payment of bills at maturity. Bills of exchange are debt securities that the holder of the loan agreement can choose whether or not to convert into money (the other option is to claim a credit from the bank that issued them).

When you are informed about online loans without fast paychecks and loans changed in particular, it is essential to have clear ideas on the guarantees that you must still present.

In the event that you do not have the opportunity to present a paycheck, you must have held a life insurance policy for at least two years. If you are at the beginning of a career as an employee, it is mandatory to present a third party guarantor.

pros and cons

However, before taking out a loan with bills, it is advisable to be absolutely sure that you can repay the amortization installments. Thanks to the presence of bills, the bank can request the attachment of the assets even in the event of non-payment of a single installment.

This is because bills of exchange are executive securities and therefore guarantee the bank to get back the capital granted in a short time. The credit institution will not have to wait for the court to issue a sentence to start the expropriation procedure.

We also remember that the loans are a form of online loans without fast paycheck normally granted even to bad payers. However, it is necessary to specify that these are not very advantageous products, since they have rather high interest rates.

Funding for self-employed workers

As already mentioned, online loans without fast paychecks are also accessible to self-employed and atypical workers. In this case, it will be necessary to present your Model when applying. Better still if the applicant is in case of producing the tax return of the last three years, thus proving to have regular income in the last few years.

The best payday loan deals of 2017

The best payday loan deals of 2017

But what are the best fast payslip online loans solutions currently offered? One of the most interesting is represented by the Best Bank Mini Loan. How does it work? This is a loan dedicated to postal payment owners characterized by reduced amounts, to be repaid in 22 months.

The applicant can in fact choose between three amounts : one thousand, 2 thousand and 3 thousand USD. The interest rate is fixed and the sum is paid directly to the postal payment.

The requirements of Best Bank Mini Loan

But who can get funding? postal payment holders who are aged between 18 and 76 can apply for the Best Bank Mini Loan. For access to credit, residence in Italy and the presence of demonstrable income are required.
The loan can be requested at any post office branch by presenting valid identification documents. Specifically, it is necessary to present an identity document, health card and documentation certifying income.

If the applicant is a foreign citizen, a passport, residence card or residence permit must also be presented when applying. The latter, however, must be valid and certify that the applicant has lived in Italy for at least one year and that he has been working for at least 12 months for the same employer.

Good Credit loans without paycheck

In the group of online loans without fast paychecks we also find the Good Credit offer. The online financial note in fact provides loans at advantageous conditions even to those who cannot claim a paycheck, being therefore self-employed or atypical workers.

Good Credit loans provide amounts up to a maximum of 60 thousand USD to be repaid with an amortization plan that extends up to a maximum of 120 months. The rate is fixed and the installments constant.

The beneficiary also has the possibility to modify the amortization plan according to his needs, taking advantage of the Skip installment and Change installment options. Option that can be activated after the regular payment of the first six amortization installments and do not involve additional costs.

The personal loan request can be made directly online, using the features made available by the Good Credit website. And thanks to the digital signature services, it is not necessary to print any document, the contract is signed electronically.

But let’s move on to the refund conditions. On the site there is also an online simulator that allows you to know the conditions applied to the loan you want to obtain, simply enter the desired amount and purpose of the loan. A promotion is currently underway which provides for the granting of a loan of 15 thousand USD to be repaid in 96 months.

The monthly payment to be paid is 199 USD, while Tan and Taeg are fixed at 6.25% and 6.43% respectively. There are no costs for the practical investigation. Overall, therefore, the beneficiary will have to repay $ 19,104.00.

Online loans without fast paychecks

Online loans without fast paychecks

We continue to talk about online loans without fast paychecks analyzing the proposals of Infra bank. This finance company allows you to apply for loans directly online and receive a response 48 hours after submitting the application.

Also from the official Nice Bank website, it is possible to check all the details of the loan costs by entering the amount of the amount you intend to ask for.

The Nice Bank loans are also designed for young people, in particular for those who choose the repayment with automatic credit to the current account. To understand how this type of loan works we assume the request for 10 thousand USD and the choice of a 120-month amortization plan.

In this case, a monthly installment of 111 USD would be charged to the holder of the loan contract, with a fixed TAN equal to 5.56% and an APR corresponding to 6.17%.