Blockchain and Digital Marketing – The Future of Innovation

I watched with bated breath the case that involved Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg:

In the history of internet, this will perhaps go down as one landmark judgement where the jury consistently remarked and laid down that the individual’s right to his own data and privacy is his own discretion and that a third party can in no circumstances use this data collected over a period of time to either derive commercial benefits tor store it in any system to be used later for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

This set the stage right for a lot of companies who were previously into data mining or were considering entering such a field. They have been sufficiently warned.

Over the years, the internet has made inroads on a lot of people’s lives and they do not even realize that these software or microblogging sites are continuously deriving nuggets of knowledge from their smart devices and computers.

But where do blockchain and digital marketing figure in all this?

I was reading a website on web design Glasgow prices when I suddenly thought about the possibility that consumers could see only those advertisement s that are relevant to them. Then there would be no problem really!

Since the last year, a lot of people have started investing in blockchain software to cut out irrelevant ads. This is viable because the blockchain network is a secure and decentralized platform.

Companies definitely need to have information about their consumers and what kind of choices they are making. That is why some companies have come out with this idea of presenting tokens or cash rewards for the simple exchange of information regarding themselves and the choices that they make as far as consumable goods are concerned.

This sounds like a win-win situation for both. The consumer, of course, will be estopped from claiming later that the private details were taken without permission because the permission is expressed granted.