How Celebrities Are Entering the Tech World

In the tech industry, one can earn more money and it is open to all. Now a day the techies harness the tech sector’s energy to make some good. Technology is helping us to live more comfortably and it also makes our lives better. In the 21st century Number of celebrities is attracted towards the tech world by charitable opportunities in it. They (actors, musicians, producers, and tech celebrities) have the hopes of changing the world and attracted towards the Silicon Valley. A number of stars are working in the space to save the world.

Jessica Alba

Jessica found it difficult to identify the eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient and safe item for her children.

Every celebrity and the one who endorse them owns at least one cheap lv handbags. The honest company and its co-founder is Jessica and she is an ambassador of that company and she found the remedy for the solution. She knows well about the 120 products. This is not possible without the technical support.

John Legend                                               

He is the most active celebrities in the tech community both inside and the outside. Many charitable projects are taken over by the legend during a hurricane, education reforms and veteran. Poptech focuses on the solutions and initiates in dispel rumors and release the tension in the community’s riots. Moreover, to prevent the war they have taken many steps and in the climate change and eco-conscious.


Bono is a celebrity having the strong partnership with the tech company Apple. They have the aim to fight against the aids. Bono found many ways such as downloading the app, etc to work together. Also, he has started the cloth line, made a partnership with the American Express and the fight against the diseases.

Robin Wright

The tech companies are involved in doing good by means of evaluating the products what they are making. Intel got success in creating awareness about the precious metals. Robin Wright is found to be more passionate in the conflict of minerals and joined as CEO in the Intel.…

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