How to Childproof a Laptop: Top Tips Making Your Computer Safe for a Child

The cyber world is silently dangerous.  Take the following precautions to make your computer safe for your child:

Create a User account:  The first step for making the computer child-safe is to create a user account for everyone in the family.  There are in-built checks in the computer which can be used effectively only if the user account is created.  Using these inbuilt checks restrict access to websites.

Filtering software in the computer:  Install filtering software that blocks websites with objectionable content.  Certain software prevents downloading based on the rating of the source content.  You can block access to a few websites which you think are unsafe.

Learn more technology:  Learning more technology on the part of the parent is inevitable to make the laptop childproof.  Especially this is needed to monitor the kid’s activity in social networking apps.

Timing control:  Control the number of hours the child can access the computer.  This will help in creating a discipline in the usage of the computer.

Install and encourage usage of innovative apps like starwalkkids.  These are meant for kids and there is no risk involved.  Instead, such apps will help in encouraging the child to use his system time more in learning through fun.

Browse the history:  After adults use the computer check the browsing history and remove the unsuitable links which the child might accidentally view.

These days kids spend even their playing time on computers only.  We come across numerous incidents where children lose their life due to cyber threats.  Hence making technology safer for children is a responsibility for every parent.  Whenever you see any symptoms of improper usage of the computer, counsel the child and make him think clearly.  Move him out of his confusion zone.  Teach him cyber ethics so that he has clarity on the right and the wrong things.

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