How Technology Has Changed the World of Entertainment

I am from the time that had a very few terrestrial channels on the television set and maybe a few popular programs on the radio. That was that!

Today we are spoilt for choice!

When the cable connection and the satellite television and the internet came in, we probably had a nuclear picture of how things would be. It has ushered in a big resolution in the entertainment industry for the good or the worse.

The entertainment industry is a booming business:

Year after year the possibilities of making a mark in the industry and making the m-good amount of money simultaneously is only getting better. There is so much to do with the options only expanding that you cannot be but influenced by it.

Let me give you an example:

A friend was extremely good at vocals and scored an ace in music lessons all throughout school. So, while he was a good student also with a heavy leaning on music, his parents were not particularly impressed with a possible career choice in music.

They perhaps thought that it never guaranteed steady income given the fact that they belong to a generation that has not seen such rapid technological advances and probably do not appreciate the changes well.

The friend completed his college and did very well for himself. For his passion, he began to do online mastering. He would mix and master songs and earn handsomely from his hobby. He was doing so well that he even quit his day job to be able to give his total attention to his passion for music.

What is mixing and mastering?

Mastering is the next step after the mixing of the audio clips. It is a post-production process. It helps in balancing the sonic elements so that there is a harmony of notes and the track becomes compatible to be played on all media forms. Mastering ensures there are uniformity and consistency in the audio file as well as with other tracks on the same album. The difference is visible if you are to hear both the unmetered and the mastered track. It’s a huge difference; it can make or break a record!