How the Design in Flashlights are changing 2018

You might be brave but it is foolhardy to venture into the darkness without the right equipment or the right tools. Flashlights are tools that are versatile in use: they can be used not only to throw the light (literally) but also defend yourself should you be affronted by an attacker. Gone are the days of heavy flashlights; with advanced technology to lead the way, today’s tools are some of the swankiest, lightest and easy to use pieces that are a pleasure to handle. In fact, in 2018 a flashlight can be flaunted with glee because of the sheer variety in design and functionality.

Here are few of the latest designs in flashlights:

  1. The latest flashlights can be charged like the cell phone without having to remove the battery from the gadget. These gadgets will never overcharge, unlike the previous models. The power will cut off once the battery is fully There are some models that come with USB charger also.
  2. The new designs use a light emitting diode or LED for light. This makes the gadget lightweight and it uses less power making the battery last longer.
  3. They come with seals to protect the flashlight from dirt and water.
  4. They are made from durable titanium or aircraft grade material or a certain type of special plastics to last long.
  5. Unlike their predecessors, the newer versions come with several light settings from low to high intensity.

There are several online stores which sell some of the best flashlights in the market. Before you buy you must compare all the above features between various brands and price ranges and pick one that best suits your particular need. There are brick and mortar shops also and if you are the finicky kind who physically wants to see a product get your headlamp from here.