All You need to know About the Latest YouTube Update 2018

Right from the onset, YouTube has presented as a video sharing website that is set for breaking new grounds. This can be seen in the series of updates that the developers keep coming up with to ensure that the platform maintains a dynamic edge. From the redesigning at various times to the addition of new feature, the developers at the company have never ceased working around the clock to improve viewers’ and content creators’ experience on the platform. And now that the 2018 updates have been rolled out, we cannot help but talk about it.

Updates for 2018

  • New Monetization requirement: There are a number of (new) conditions that now have to be met if you wish to continue monetizing your channel – as the bar has been raised. These conditions are stated thus:
  • You – that is through your contents- must have garnered 4,000 hours of watchtime over the last twelve months.
  • You must maintain a baseline of 1,000 or more subscribers.

In taking this decision, YouTube resolved to its analytics in order to ‘sift the chaff from the wheat’ as it was stated that 99% of the channels made revenue short of $100 in the past one year.

  • Google preferred channels to be placed under scrutiny: Channels that are Google preferred will now be reviewed by a human moderator that will approve it as family-friendly. This thus placed channels advertised on Google under intense screening as such (channels) will not be able to slip through the automated review system.
  • Stiffer sanctions to be meted out to non-conforming content creators: Creators who do not adhere to the Community Guideline as per uploading ‘family friendly’ contents will be duly punished. The punishment could range from cutting off the creator’s privilege to premium monetization programs, content promotion and development to discontinuing the eligibility of the channel to get recommendations. This particular move is taken to ensure the viewer’s safety while navigating the community.

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