Small Loans: What’s the Best Way to Borrow a Small Amount?

What are the first few thoughts that come to your mind when you think about getting a loan? Could it be borrowing large amounts, high-interest rates, long repayment tenure, high EMIs, etc? All these could well be fitting for a loan. However, loans not only help you when you are in need of a lot of money. You could also borrow in small amounts in the form of small loans to fulfill your short-term goals and other minor financial problems.

People usually tend to borrow a huge sum because of the fear of repaying too much in the form of high interests, which is usually true. Generally, small amounts of loans tend to be more expensive in terms of repayments as opposed to the general notion that small means cheap. Nevertheless, today there are several cheap options for borrowing a small amount to help you sail over small currents. Check out to know the maximum and minimum lending amount that you are eligible for and the respective repayment terms.

What is required of you before borrowing small amounts?

  • A steady income
  • A good credit score
  • No existing financial commitments

Here is a look at some of the options where you can borrow a small amount for small financial crunches.

  1. The best way to manage a sudden small amount financial situation is to rely on your savings. This is the most cost-effective and the most reliable method that involves no repayment. Hence, make sure to save from your earnings on a regular basis to tackle unexpected situations.
  2. The second best way to borrow a small amount is to simply ask your friends or relatives, which most people generally avoid because they feel ashamed to do so. However, on the plus side, this is the cheapest option to borrow money as long as you repay them on time.
  3. You could also raise some funds on your own by resorting to selling. Today online selling of new and used items including reselling is taking the world by a storm. Hence, you could sell some of the things that you feel have no use to you anymore but is still in a usable condition. You could also sell some of your other prized possession in the form an online auction. Remember, there is always someone to buy what you are selling.
  4. Moving to a more formal borrowing approach, you could get a personal loan from a bank to meet small financial troubles. Many banks offer personal loans for small borrowing amounts. However, while some of them tend to charge an exorbitantly high-interest rate, there are a few banks that charge only a nominal interest on the small amount borrowed in the name of a personal loan.
  5. You could make use of your bank’s overdraft (OD) facility that is available if you own a current account. This option is quite unknown to most borrowers, as most of us tend to open only a savings account and do not really bother opening a current account. This is a good way to get small loans fast, as these are processed immediately. However, the interest rates may vary as low as 0% to as high as 18% based on the amount borrowed. Therefore, do check with your bank before applying for the loan. Further, repaying OD can be done more quickly and faster than a traditional loan, which will reduce the interest amount.
  6. Additionally, you could also borrow small amounts using your credit card. If credit cards can be used to buy goods that can be paid at a later stage, then you can use to borrow money that may be repaid at a later time.
  7. There are also a few other cards over which you can borrow small loan amounts at 0% interest for a stipulated time, after which you will be charged an interest on the amount borrowed. Make sure to ask your bank about this.

Therefore, there are several options to avail small loan amounts quickly. Approach your bank and learn about the different options that are available. However, never forget the golden rule of borrowing, which is never to miss or delay any repayment. Always repay on time to maintain a good credit score, which will help you get your future loans approved faster and easier.

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