Top 10 luxury technology in 2018

Each and everything in this world is technology driven either it is the global economy, its narrative consumer experiences or transformation. I have enlisted top 10 luxury technologies of the year 2018.

  1. Dor: This is an amazing foot-trafficking system which is thermal and wireless. It consists of a dedicated analytic platform and is invented for retailers so that they can determine the impact of weather on their business through foot traffic trend.
  2. COSY: Cognitive Operational System (COS) is a robotic system that navigates retail store floors and indoor localization. It helps in increasing revenue and efficiency.
  3. Moov Now fitness tracker: The water-proof fitness tracker does not have a screen. It can work with any iOS and Android gadget and has a battery life of 6 months.
  4. HTC Vive: It is considered as the best VR worldwide till date. The premium product is intuitive to control, has incredible resolution and the most expensive option.
  5. Sennheiser Momentum wireless: This set of headphones is a complete package. The good-looking gadget is known to produce good sound as well. The shell battery life is 25+ hours and it works up to a 30+ feet.
  6. New iPad: A perfect bang for your bucks, this iPad has a beautiful 9.7 inch screen. It is more advanced and cheaper than its predecessor.
  7. PS4 Pro: PS4 is the first 4K HDR console launched by Sony. With this product, Sony has taken an edge over the Xbox one.
  8. QLED TV: The quantum Dot TVs are launched by Samsung and are known for their best picture quality, smarter colors and optimized control.
  9. Artificial intelligence customer service tool: It personalizes your almost every experience. It is like you have a virtual “personal assistant” with you almost all the time.
  10. Luxury Yacht: Luxury yachts are the true luxuries to behold. The yachts have swimming pools and water sports like scuba dive etc.