Top Tips for Educating Employees About Cybersecurity

The best security systems have vanished due to an unwitting and inadvertent mistake by an employee; this necessitates the need for employee education in matters related to cybersecurity.

  1. Regular period meetings must be conducted to educate employees about their actions on cybersecurity. It is not enough to sign long pages of terms and conditions without understanding the repercussions.
  2. The enlightenment must not be restricted to just lower level employees but even the senior management and IT staff must be updated and must be aware of their role in the company’s security. They have greater reach to the data of the company and hence will be under more attack.
  3. Staff must be made aware of the dangers of social engineering which often begin with a fairly harmless call from someone impersonating a known face and before they realize they draw out all necessary data about the firm and its operations.
  4. Train your employees to identify a cyber attack as soon as possible. In the eventually of a crime, they must be ready with the remedial plan and be well aware of each step. The organization from their side should ensure that the emergency IT numbers are accessible to the staff in less than 20 seconds from the time of recognizing an attack to mitigate the effect of the crime.
  5. Conduct regular test on employees’ cybersecurity knowledge and ensure that those not up to mark are given more training, the organization can also give incentives to those found to be prepared to motivate every member of the staff to be prepared.
  6. Have policies and safety regimens that are easy to follow and not cumbersome to the employees or they will find ways to circumvent the measures and threaten the organization. Encourage the staff to voice their concerns with regards to the current security setup and work out solutions that are beneficial to the security of the company as well as convenient to the employees.

But probably the best thing that any company involved in the online transaction must be is to having a good video kyc to ensure they know who they are dealing with.

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