Six Ways Your Dashboard Will Change by 2020

One of the biggest changes you see with every new car that is introduced in the market is the design, lights and the dashboard. Every manufacturer tries to improve upon their previous models in these areas. It is only after these do they even think about making changes in the engine and other internal parts of the car.

So as time goes by, what can you expect from a car? You can find many interesting reads on 247spares and get an idea of the expectations and forecast by car lovers.

Here is what one can expect on their car dashboard by the year 2020:

  1. Driving Assistance

Just like you have GPS on your dash now, you will have a driving assistant that will help you navigate better through traffic so that you don’t collide with an oncoming car.

  1. View All Around

A screen that enables you to see all around your car. So that you’re blind spots from inside the car are covered. Just like a rearview camera, you will have cameras and sensors all around to warn you what is around your car, so that there are lesser accidents.

  1. Pedestrian Detection

It is easy to see people walk on the roads during the day. At night it is difficult to anticipate where a person will come from. The night vision along with a pedestrian detection will give you enough warning much ahead so that you can slow down accordingly.

  1. Night Vision

Your screen can become a night vision monitor and help you drive safer on lonely roads at night. This can be a good help when the weather is bad too and prevent untoward accidents.

  1. Cruise Controls

What is available in many high-end cars will be made available in all cars. One can set the speed limit with cruise control and not worry about maintaining the speed limit. These can also come with a safety addition where the distance between your car and the vehicle in front will be maintained and will not require you to hit the brakes and reset cruise control constantly.

  1. Inter-Vehicle Communication

Just like controls and options to communicate between planes and boats, cars will have an option to communicate with other cars in front of you to prevent accidents